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CONTEC AQS. The system for change.


A better world begins with companies that produce “quality“, with regard to the environment and people’s safety. The evolution that has taken place over the last twenty years, above all concerning the role taken on by the European Union in these areas from a legislative viewpoint, requires us to follow this modus operandi, not only because of legislative obligations and ethical duty, but also as the only means to sustain development of the planet and our society.


Therefore not just a mere dream, for Contec AQS it is an ambition transformed into duty: offering companies services that are able to improve management systems and company organization, towards sustainability. Environment, Quality and Safety are the objectives that coincide for a better future for individuals, productive units and the environment that surrounds them, as well as the community they belong to.

Contec AQS – Ambiente (Environment) Qualità (Quality) Sicurezza (Safety) was founded in 2008, based on the decades of experience gained by Contec Ingegneria, as a structure dedicated to providing services regarding safety in building yards and the workplace, environmental protection and company management systems. Our human resources, joined by their shared values and a strong commitment to quality, are at the foundation of our success.

We aim to offer excellent services so that client companies guarantee their personnel and the community healthy, safe and well-organized environments, therefore giving them an advantage from economic, environmental and social points of view.

Our team

The team of Contec AQS stands out for the experience, professionalism and creativity of over 60 professionisti with know-how gained in the most important national contexts (large companies, strategic infrastructure), as well as local ones. Thanks to our collaboration with the academic world we are able to provide technical-scientific and legal onsultations, to ensure a service that is constantly updated in terms of national, European and international laws, apart from the latest technology, know-how and procedures available.

Our clients

Our services are used by a great deal of companies, both large and small, in different sectors, both nationally and locally. Please see some of our references. clicking here.

Companies in the Group

We are also able to meet our clients’ specific needs thanks to the multidisciplinary experience of other companies in the Group: Contec Ingegneria and Contec Industry.

BSI/ISO 9001

Contec AQS is UNI ISO 9001 certified (Quality Management Systems).


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